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        Toyota Camshaft Sensor Replacement

        Applicable engine models: TOYOTA 1NZ 2NZ 1SZ 2SZ 3SZ
        OE NUMBER: 90919-05024
        TOYOTA NCP92 Camshaft Sensor Replacement
        Toyota Camshaft Sensor Replacement detects the position of the camshaft when equipped with the electronic valve control system.The shaft adjusts the camshaft so that the best intake valve lift can be achieved in each operating state.

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        • Product Details

        The camshaft is adjusted by a servo motor controlled by an electronic valve.Each turn of the crankshaft produces 58 reference pulses from the crankshaft position sensor.The engine control unit calculates the engine speed and crankshaft position based on the 58X reference signal, which is an important signal for the engine control unit to control the ignition time.

        Product Details

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size6*4*3
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelTOYOTA NCP92
        Factory Number90919-05024-GZ
        Engine ModelTOYOTA 1NZ 2NZ 1SZ 2SZ 3SZ
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameToyota Camshaft Sensor Replacement
        OE Number90919-05024

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        TOYOTA 1NZ 2NZ 1SZ 2SZ 3SZ

        Package size: 15*11*5.1

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