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        Toyota Exterior Sun Visor

        Applicable Engine Models :1KD 2KD
        OE Number: 74320-0K340
        TOYOTA 1KD 2KD Exterior Sun Visor
        The maintenance of Toyota Exterior Sun Visor is important:The stacked plates should not be in direct contact with the cement floor.Avoid to put the weight directly on the plate, can not be sharp and hard appliances contact plate.Do not use alkaline materials or polycarbonate does not dissolve with the detergent cleaning plate.

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        • Product Details

        The maintenance of Toyota Exterior Sun Visor is important:Board area is relatively hour can use neutral scour (be like ethanol, ethane, butyl cellulose), scrub board with sponge or soft cloth, reoccupy clear water rinse. If the area is large, use high pressure faucet, rinse plate with water.Avoid direct contact with insoluble chemicals.

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size41*16.5
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelKUN1#,2#,3# TGN1#,26,36 LAN15
        Factory Number74320-0K340-E0-JS
        Engine Model1KD 2KD
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameToyota Exterior Sun Visor
        OE Number74320-0K340

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        KUN1#,2#,3# TGN1#,26,36 LAN15

        Package size:Standard Size

        Our Service:

        1.We providing quality export service world-wide to meet customers specific needs of Hilux Body Parts System
        2.Inspection and loading service
        3.No minimum quantity for each order is required for TOYOTA 1KD 2KD Exterior Sun Visor
        4.Assist with customs clearance
        5.Comprehensive Logistics Management for a Complete

        1.We have established a special quotation database to match .
        2.In several major cities such as BeiJing and HangZhou has subsidiary company,Convenient for you to visit the company all over China.
        3.We have parts for new and old TOYOTA models, no matter how old they are, we can find them .
        4.Flexible payment terms for TOYOTA 1KD 2KD Exterior Sun Visor .
        5.Engaged in auto parts trade for 23 years, exported TOYOTA Hilux Parts to all around the world.

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