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        Car Door Handle Cover

        Applicable Engine Models :1KD 2KD 1TR 2TR 5L 1GR
        OE Number:69217-06020
        TOYOTA 1KD 2KD 1TR 2TR 5L 1GR Car Door Handle Cover
        The door handle cover is mounted on the door.The car door handle design appearance, directly affected the car door beautiful degree.Car door handles are typically made of 30% fiberglass reinforced PA6, the housing is made of PC/ABS mixture, and the structural components on the back are made of 30% fiberglass reinforced PP.These door handles and lock modules vary in shape, color and function.General according to customer requirements, can be divided into three different types of car door handle.

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        • Product Details

        1.Door handle with built-in sensors and appropriate electronic components, which requires smooth inner wall mounting space, so during production, mechanical sliders are pushed out of the mold to create the necessary space.

        2.A door handle consisting of two or more shells which are held together by clips and bolts.

        3. Car Door Handle Cover without integrated sensor electronic component, which is an integral hollow part produced by gas-assisted injection molding technology .

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size4.5*4*1.5
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelKUN1#,2#,3# TGN1#,26,36 GGN15
        Factory Number69217-06020-DY
        Engine Model1KD 2KD 1TR 2TR 5L
        Brand NameChina aftermarket
        Product NameCar Door Handle Cover
        OE Number69217-06020
        Other details4*2 4*4

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        KUN1#,2#,3# TGN1#,26,36 GGN15

        Package size:Standard Size

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