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        Car Engine Alternator

        Applicable engine models: TOYOTA 2GR
        OE NUMBER: 27060-0P041
        TOYOTA GSU45 Car Engine Alternator
        Regular maintenance of the Car Engine Alternator, generally Alternator running 750 hours or 30 thousand kilometers after the car run, we need check the carbon brush, rectifier components, regulators, bearings and other vulnerable parts and do a necessary test

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        • Product Details

        When the external circuit makes the excitation winding electrified by the electric brush, a magnetic field will be generated, so that the claw pole is magnetized into N and S poles.When the rotor rotates, the magnetic flux changes alternately in the stator windings. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the stator's three-phase windings generate alternating induced electromotive force.That's how the Car Engine Alternator works.

        Product Details

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size20*16.5*14
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelTOYOTA GSU45
        Factory Number27060-0P041-GC
        Engine ModelTOYOTA 2GR
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameCar Engine Alternator
        OE Number27060-0P041

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        TOYOTA 2GR

        Package size: 24.5*20.5*17.5

        Please choose a good alternator for your car.

        Our Service:

        1. The Quality of Engine Parts System and other products are guaranteed

        2. Inspection and loading container service

        3. Help with receiving and loading goods from other suppliers.

        4. Issue invitation to China.

        5. Professional and Nice packaging


        1. Flexible payment terms for TOYOTA GSU45 Car Engine Alternator.

        2. Clear understanding for the international market requirements.

        3. We have twenty years of experience in auto Parts for TOYOTA Hiace Highlander,and have built a professional work team.

        4. China domestic and foreign trade together, large sales, and the price advantage is obvious.

        Product Show 

        2 TOYOTA Highlander Generator

        4 TOYOTA Generator 27060-0P041

        5 TOYOTA Highlander alternator 27060-0P041

        6 TOYOTA Highlander 09 Generator 27060-0P041

        Trade Details:

        Payment Terms: FOB; EX-Work; CFR

        Payment: L/C;T/ T;Western Union;Money Gram;Other

        Shipping Details

        Delivery Time: About 7-20 work days; According to your order quantity.

        Supply Ability: TOYOTA GSU45 Car Engine Alternator Monthly supply volume 1000 Piece/Pieces

        Port: Guangzhou, Shenzhen


        Q: What is your sample policy?

        A: We can offer sample, and you bear the sample fees first.

        We will return the sample fees to you when you place order.

        Q: How much does the shipping cost?

        A: It depends on the goods’ CBM and weight. We can help choose the competitive shipping way for you.

        Q: If we didn’t find the items on your website, how should we do?

        A: You can email us with parts information, like part name and engine type, or OEM numbers, so we can check for you.

        Q: How can we get your product list?

        A: Please contact us and we will offer you our e-catalogues.

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