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        Mazda Brake Pads

        Applicable Engine Models : BA/BJ
        OE Number: B596-26-251
        MAZDA BRAKE PADS FOR MAZDA 323 1998-2001
        Mazda brake pads is the most critical safety components in automobile braking system, the stand or fall of all brake effect is crucial brake pads, brake lining generally by steel plate, adhesive insulating layer, and the friction blocks, steel to rust after coating, the brake when squeezed on the brake disc or drum brake friction, so as to achieve the purpose of the vehicle deceleration braking.

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        • Product Details

        Mazda brake pads are mainly divided into the following categories: metal brake pads and carbon ceramic brake pads. The working principle of the brake is mainly from friction, which USES the friction between the brake pads and the brake disc (drum) and the tire and the ground to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into the heat energy after friction to stop the car.

        Product Details

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size24*24*6
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle Model323 1998-2001
        Factory NumberB596-26-251
        Engine ModelBA/BJ
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameMazda brake pads
        OE NumberB596-26-251

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size



        Package size:26*25*6.5

        Our Service:

        1,We providing quality export service world-wide to meet customers specific needs of parts for mazda 323 mazda 626

        2,Quality assurance and thoughtful after-sales service for MAZDA BRAKE PADS FOR MAZDA 323 1998-2001

        3,Our Payment terms are flexible and varied

        4,No minimum quantity for each Mazda brake pads order is required for MAZDA BT50,CX5,M2,M5 ENGINE MOUNTING AND ALL THE PARTS.


        1,With professional Mazda parts manufacturing team and skilled technicians, OEM factory technology advanced.

        2,Develop Mazda new MAZDA 323 MAZDA 626 Parts service, launch a number of new products every year.

        3,Our warehouse covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters, hundreds of domestic chain stores, Spanish agents overseas

        4,Full range of MAZDA CX5,M2,M6,BT50 complete auto chassis system for mazda spare parts

        5.Engaged in auto parts trade for 23 years, exported to all around the world.

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