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        UR61-34-550 MAZDA BT50 Lower Ball Joint

        Applicable Engine Models : BT50 4WD
        OE Number: UR61-34-550
        Factory No : UR61-34-550

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        MAZDA BT50 Lower Ball Joint if damage to the ball head of the car will cause abnormal noise, deviation of the left and right swing direction during driving, and abnormal tire wear. The ball head of a car is also called a suspension ball head. This Lower Ball Joint for MAZDA BT50 is a very important part of the car. It refers to a mechanical structure that uses a ball connection to realize the power transmission of different shafts. If MAZDA PICKUP Lower Ball Joint is damaged, it will have a serious impact on everyone's normal driving, because it directly affects the car's handling.

        Product Details

        Quality guarantee

        Actual size:
        Place of Origin:
        Vehicle Model:
        BT50 4WD
        Factory Number:
        Brand Name:
        China aftermarkets
        Product Name:
        Lower Ball Joint
        OE Number:

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        BT50 4WD

        Package size:7*3*2


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