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        UR61-34-350 MAZDA BT50 Lower Control Arm

        Applicable Engine Models : BT50 /RANGER
        OE Number: UR61-34-350
        Factory No :UR61-34-350

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        • Product Details

        Lower Control Arm for MAZDA Pickup as the guiding and force transmission element of the automobile suspension system, it transmits various forces acting on the wheels to the car body while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain track. MAZDA BT50 Lower Control Arm elastically connects the wheel and the vehicle body through a ball hinge or a bushing respectively, it is same use in FORD RANGER Lower Control Arm.

        Product Details

        Quality guarantee

        Actual size:
        Place of Origin:
        Vehicle Model:
        BT50 /RANGER
        Factory Number:
        Brand Name:
        China aftermarkets
        Product Name:
        Lower Control Arm
        OE Number:

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        BT50 /RANGER

        Package size:35*10*5

        UR61-34-350 Mazda pickup LOWER ARM

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