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        UR58-39-040 Rear Engine Mounting Rubber BT50

        Applicable Engine Models : BT50
        OE Number: UR58-39-040
        Factory No : UR58-39-040

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        The UR58-39-040 Rear Engine Mounting Rubber BT50 is the bracket Rubber that connects the engine to the frame or the chassis.When Engine Mounting Rubber BT50 is broken, the idle steering wheel will shake and the body will shake violently. When you found has the UR58-39-040 Engine Mounting Rubber broken, aging, corrosion and other signs, it must be replaced.

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        Engine Mounting
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        Package size:7*4*3

        1 UR58-39-040 Engine Mounting Rubber BT502 UR58-39-040 Rear Engine Mounting Rubber BT50

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