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        LF8B-15-025 Electronic Fan Assembly M3 2.0L 2010-2012

        Applicable Engine Models : M3 2.0L 2010-2012
        OE Number: LF8B-15-025
        Factory No : LF8B-15-025

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        LF8B-15-025 Electronic Fan Assembly M3 2.0L 2010-2012 is to control the engine water temperature not too high, it has sensors, electronic fan, chips and so on. Generally more than 90 degrees, water temperature sensor start work,Electronic Fan Assembly for Mazda3 also work to reduce the water temperature.In winter, the water temperature is low, the LF8B-15-025 Electronic Fan Mazda 3 year 2010-2012 generally does not work, it is to protect the engine does not work in the extreme cold and heat condition.

        Product Details

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        Actual size:
        Place of Origin:
        Vehicle Model:
        M3 2.0L 2010-2012
        Factory Number:
        Brand Name:
        China aftermarkets
        Product Name:
        Electronic Fan Assembly
        OE Number:

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        M3 2.0L

        Package size:130*40*5

        1.LF8B-15-025 electronic fan assembly M3 2.0L2.LF8B-15-025 electronic fan assembly M3

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