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        G22C-58-58X Window Regulator Motor M3/M6/CX9 6 Pin

        Applicable Engine Models : M3/M6/CX9
        OE Number: G22C-58-58X
        Factory No : G22C-58-58X

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        The G22C-58-58X Window Regulator Motor 6 pin M3/M6/CX9 is a part of the Window Regulator. M3/M6/CX9 Window Regulator Motor’ working principle is to turn on the motor, which drives the reducer to output power and forces the glass mounting bracket to move in a straight line through the active arm and the driven arm or by pulling the wire rope.

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        Window regulator motor
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        Package size:10*7*5

        1.G22C-58-58X Windown Regulator Motor 6PIN2.G22C-58-58X Windown Regulator Motor M3 M6 CX9

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