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        Shock Absorber Bearing

        OE Number: 6C11 3K099AB
        ISUZU V348 Shock Absorber Bearing
        The position of Shock Absorber Bearing is located above the two front suspension,We can usually see the rubber top of the cover.The covers are on the far right and left sides of the engine compartment,black cover .Below is one with the frame ,a canister connected to a frame.

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        • Product Details

        When the Shock Absorber Bearing is damaged, the direction of the vehicle may be slightly offset, it is difficult to correct.As well as the low strength of the phenomenon.When the vehicle is damaged due to severe wear and tear, it will make abnormal noise when the vehicle is working.If the bearing is damaged, the heat will be very high, it is expected to be hot

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size12.5*12.5*5
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelV348
        Factory Number6C11 3K099AB
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameShock Absorber Bearing
        OE Number6C11 3K099AB

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size

        6C11 3K099AB


        Package size:13.5*13.5*6.2

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