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        ISUZU Spare Wheel Handle

        OE Number:1856666661 3913011A
        ISUZU NKR55/77/KY/N800/N720/SD Spare Wheel Handle
        Rocker type spare tire rack includes a lifter for lifting and lifting tires. The lifter includes a lifter body, a lifter chain connected to the lifter body at one end, and a lifter spare tire pallet connected to the other end of the lifter chain. ISUZU Spare Wheel Handle function is :when you need change the tire, you roll the spare tire down,it's easy to change a tire.

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        The spare tire rack is placed at the bottom of the car,ISUZU Spare Wheel Handle can put the spare tire rack down .The manual spare wheel bracket includes a arm bracket, a pulley bracket, and a tightening rope device, a arm is pinned to the arm bracket, and the arm is rotated and installed.There are double pulleys, another pulley in the pulley bracket, the wire rope on the rope tightener is wound around the pulley in the pulley bracket, the double pulley in the arm.After turning, the free end hangs down from the front end of the arm.

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size18.6*15.5*4
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelNKR55/77/KY/N800/N720/SD
        Factory Number3913011A
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameISUZU Spare Wheel Handle
        OE Number1856666661 3913011A

        Factory Number

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        Package size:Standard Size

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