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        Engine Fan Clutch

        Applicable Engine Models : 6HE1
        OE Number: 8943940111
        ISUZU FVR32/6HE1TC Engine Fan Clutch
        Engine Fan Clutch is like the clutch of a car, and the fan blows the water tank to dissipate the heat during the big cycle.For small cycles, the antifreeze fluid is only circulating in the engine, so the fan doesn't move.Inside the fan clutch there is an oil which ACTS as a heat expansion and a cold contraction.When a cold car starts, the oil takes up less space, and the coupling force between the fan and the fan clutch is smaller, so the fan turns more slowly and the water temperature rises quickly.

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        Engine Fan Clutch,the principle is that the temperature control switch tells the ECU that the temperature has reached, and it needs to go through a big cycle. Then the thermostat is turned on, the hot water flows into the tank, and the fan starts.The front of the fan clutch has a bimetallic spring, spring valve control inside the fan clutch, cold car when closed, hot car when flowing through the radiator coolant heat double wire variant, open the internal valve, internal version of silicone oil will flow into the active plate and driven disc, the fan will be running quickly, when the temperature drops, the valve closed, silicone oil under the action of centrifugal force, right back into the liquid storage chamber, fan speed down!

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee 
        Actual size20*20*10.5 
        Place of OriginCHINA 
        Vehicle ModelFVR32/6HE1TC 
        Factory Number8943940111
        Engine Model6HE1 
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets 
        Product NameEngine Fan Clutch
        OE Number8943940111

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size



        Package size:22.5*21.5*13

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