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        ISUZU Shackle Pin Leaf Spring Pin

        Applicable Engine Models : 6BD1
        OE Number: 8980603351 1511610043
        ISUZU FSR113/6BD1 Shackle Pin Leaf Spring Pin
        Leaf spring: composed of multiple plates of unequal length and unequal curvature.After good installation, the ends will naturally bend upward.When the impact of the road on the wheels, steel plate deformation, play a buffer, reduce the role of the role of the vibration, longitudinal layout also has the role of the guide force.Non - independent suspension most use leaf spring as a special elastic element, can eliminate the guide device and shock absorber, simple structure.ISUZU Shackle Pin Leaf Spring Pin function of connecting frame and spring plate.

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        The steel plate pin locking device of steel plate lifting lug bracket includes the bottom plate, which is used to fix the vertical plate on the bottom plate, and three pinhole positioning plates are arranged in parallel in the direction perpendicular to the vertical plate, and the pinhole positioning pins run through the three pinhole positioning plates.The top of the vertical plate is provided with a drilling locating plate, and the drilling locating plate is provided with a locking hole drilling hole, which can lock and fix the steel plate lifting lug bracket.After the steel plate lifting lug bracket is fixed, the steel plate pin hole can be processed first, and then the locking hole can be processed, so as to ensure the position of the two degrees, in addition, they can also check each other.

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size11.5*3*3.5
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelFSR113/6BD1
        Factory Number8-98060335-0
        Engine Model6BD1
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameISUZU Shackle Pin Leaf Spring Pin
        OE Number8980603351 1511610043

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size



        Package size:13*3.5*3.5

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