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        ISUZU Heavy Truck Parts
        FVR and FVZ adopt the latest 6H series common rail engine, which greatly improves the performance of fuel, power, durability and emission.The engine USES the new ultra high pressure common rail fuel technology injection system, injection pressure up to 200Mpa (domestic engines for 160-180mpa), greatly improve the diesel engine fuel economy, power and emission performance, and improve engine noise and vibration.The electronic variable cross section turbocharger system greatly improves the low speed torque and responsiveness, and can adapt to all kinds of complex pavement under heavy load.The new engine USES new technology, new technology and new materials to achieve high reliability and durability, 1 million km without major repair.At the same time, the electric control module of the engine is equipped with the function of saving fuel by sliding downhill and hanging block on heping road.
        As one of the most professional isuzu heavy truck parts manufacturers and suppliers in China, we bring here high quality isuzu heavy truck parts with low price. Welcome to contact our factory for wholesale and OEM services.