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        Study: Valeo product training

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Sep 25, 2020

        In the headquarters of Yishan Enterprise carried out relevant training on Valeo brand products, and Mr. Yin Xi, a professional training lecturer of Valeo was specially invited to Yishan headquarters to provide trainees with Valeo brand background and wonderful and practical product knowledge training.

        Valeo is the world's leading supplier of auto parts. Yishan Enterprise and Valeo have continued to enhance their cooperation and friendship during their long-term cooperation. As a distributor of Valeo products, Yishan Enterprise continues to develop itself, is good at learning, and constantly absorbs knowledge to lay the foundation for future development and progress. In the future, Yishan Enterprise and Valeo will continue to maintain friendly cooperation and learn from excellence. We have been on the road of learning.

        Good brand ~ Higher quality --Valeo 

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