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        Knowledge of automobile air conditioning

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Sep 21, 2018

         Whenever summer comes, I can always hear: "My life is given by air conditioners." We have to blow air conditioners at home, and we have to blow air conditioners in the car. In summer, air conditioning is a necessity. Here I share with you some of the air conditioning knowledge.



        What is an inner loop?

        The inner loop actually uses the air inside the car to circulate, preventing the dirty gas from entering the car with fresh air. When the inner loop is turned on, the cooling (heating) function of the vehicle becomes faster. The only drawback is that it is not conducive to air circulation inside the vehicle. Long-term use is not recommended.



        What is the outer loop?

        The so-called external circulation is actually an exchange of air inside and outside the car. The air inside the car is blown outside, and then the fresh air outside is sucked into the car to serve the purpose of air circulation. It is recommended to open the outer loop when a new car is used or when driving for a long time.



        After talking about the internal and external loops, let me tell you something about the correct use of air conditioners:

        First, after the car has been exposed to the sun, when we enter the car, we should firstly open the window to ventilate, and open the outer circulation to discharge the hot air. After the temperature in the cabin drops, switch to the inner loop.



        Second, the car air conditioner in the process of use, the window should be closed, if the closure is not strict, it will affect the cooling (heating) function of the air conditioner, but also relatively expensive.


        Third, try to avoid long-time air conditioning, which will cause loss to the refrigeration system. Some small-displacement cars will have boiling water after long-time air-conditioning. Therefore, it is not necessary to use air-conditioning for a long time. If the temperature inside the car has reached a comfortable temperature, the air-conditioner can be turned off and then turned on again.




        4. Try to avoid rest on the air-conditioned car. Because the car is well sealed, the air permeability in the car is poor. If the air conditioner idles to rest or sleep at this time, it is likely that the CO gas emitted from the engine leaks into the car and causes poisoning death.



        5. Try not to use air conditioners when driving at low speeds, especially for heavily congested roads. Try to avoid using air conditioners because it has an adverse effect on the service life of engines and air conditioner compressors.


        6. Avoid turning off the air conditioner after the flameout, which is harmful to the engine, because when the vehicle is next started, the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner, which will cause damage to the engine.


        In fact, everyone should be paying attention to car air conditioners. Air conditioners and cars are the same. They need daily maintenance. Don’t wait until the air conditioner is not good enough to remember to clean the air conditioner. It is too late.


        For the protection of the air conditioner, the air conditioner filter should be replaced regularly, and the condenser should be cleaned regularly, and the water tank should be removed and cleaned. It is recommended that you turn off the air conditioner a few minutes before reaching the destination, turn on the natural wind, and raise the temperature inside the air conditioning duct to eliminate the temperature difference with the outside world, thus keeping the air conditioning system relatively dry and avoiding mold reproduction.