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        How to distinguish the engine of a used automotive?

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 31, 2018

        Static test of engine should not be neglected in the purchase of used cars. When many evaluators detect used cars, static test of vehicles mostly only detects the body and interior. Static test of vehicle engines is often neglected. In fact, besides the dynamic detection, the static detection is also very important. Many problems of the vehicle can be found through the static detection. The static detection of the engine is an important part that can not be ignored.

        Static detection and dynamic detection are equally important. Gao Hongbo of Beijing Lingjun International Consulting Co., Ltd. said: "Dynamic and static engine testing is equally important, static testing can also find many problems."

        Indeed, in the process of used car testing, engine testing is very important, it is like the heart of a car, so its quality has a great impact on the price of cars, in the process of testing to be particularly careful. For engine static testing, some evaluators often overlook, and some beginners of second-hand car evaluation, the engine static testing to detect the location is not very clear, some key parts are easy to miss. To this end, we consulted some senior used car evaluators to understand the parts of the engine that need special attention in static testing.

        First of all, open the hood to check the engine external cleaning, if there is a small amount of oil and dust is normal, such as excessive dust, that the vehicle may be worn out, such as spotless, it should pay special attention, may be the owner of some information to cover up carefully cleaned.

        Engine hood inspection is also the top priority. Inspection inside and outside the hood is very important, especially in the hood, if there are paint marks on the inside of the hood or spot welding shape, size is not consistent, then the vehicle is likely to have an accident.

        Secondly, oil level, color and cover must be examined carefully. If the oil level is too high, it means that the engine is seriously leaking or leaking. Oil color detection can be wiped with white paper, such as black color, belong to normal; such as other colors are abnormal phenomenon. When inspecting that there is a cover, the bottom of the fuel cap should be observed after unscrewing it. For example, there is a layer of thick dark emulsion at the bottom of the fuel cap, and small droplets of water mixed with oil. In this case, the engine is abnormal, which may be caused by damage to the cylinder cushion, cylinder head or cylinder block, resulting in the penetration of antifreeze into the oil. If this happens, the contaminated oil may cause damage to the engine interior, and the engine may need to be overhauled, which has a great impact on the price of the vehicle.

        Third, check engine coolant, battery and air cleaner. The detection of engine coolant must be carried out in a stationary state of the vehicle, because if the vehicle starts, it is easy to be scalded by the coolant. Check if there are other foreign bodies floating on the surface of the coolant, if there is oil floating, indicating that there may be oil infiltration inside; if found to be rusty dust floating, indicating that the corrosion in the radiator is very serious, which has a great impact on the engine. The battery can be checked to see if there are any traces of leakage. The inspection of the air filter can see the quality of vehicle maintenance. If the dust inside the air filter is a lot and the filter element is dirty, it means that the use of the vehicle is strong, and the maintenance of the vehicle is also poor, the use of the vehicle is strong, poor maintenance of the vehicle, the vehicle will not be very good.

        Through the static detection of used cars, we can also find many problems of vehicles, if the detection is careful, this test result is no less than the result of dynamic detection, but also can have a certain estimate of the car price. When examining the vehicle engine, the evaluator must not neglect the static test, but also carefully test, every step should be carefully examined.