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        Crankshaft, camshaft position sensor on line!

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 21, 2020

        Today we bring you two sensors in the engine: crankshaft/camshaft - position sensors



        The crankshaft position sensor (CKPS) is used to detect the engine speed, so it is also called the speed sensor.Detect engine crankshaft Angle and piston top dead center, and send detection signal to engine computer in time to control ignition time (ignition advance Angle) and injection timing.

        There are three main types of crankshaft sensors:

        Magnetoelectric induction, Hall effect and photoelectric effect.


        The camshaft position sensor (CMPS), also known as the synchronous signal sensor, is a cylinder discriminator and positioning device that feeds the camshaft position signal to the ECU and is the main control signal for ignition control.

        There are generally three types of camshaft position sensors:

        General sensing, magnetoelectric induction and photoelectric type.

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