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        CHM Water Pump Series

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Sep 19, 2020

        CHM and DOLZ have launched a new CHM water pump series!

        DOLZ is an old European factory (founded in 1934 and headquartered in Spain, it is one of the top three manufacturers and distributors of water pumps in Europe).In Europe, DOLZ pumps fill three out of every 10 cars.

        Water pump, as a key component in automobile cooling system, has been paid much attention.

        微信图片_20200919140855Pumps can be divided into traditional pumps and electronic pumps, electronic pumps are nearly 2 years with the emergence of the trend of electric vehicles emerging varieties, here we focus on the market holds the dominant position of traditional pumps

        微信图片_20200919140901Traditional pumps are designed and manufactured according to the principle of centrifugal operation.The coolant at the inlet gets energy when the impeller rotates at a high speed and enters the water chamber and outlet of the pump's vortex shell.At the same time, a low pressure area is formed in the central part of the impeller, and the coolant is constantly supplied in, forming a continuous suction and discharge process.

        The role of the car pump is to make the coolant constantly obtain energy, so that it circulates in the flow passage of the engine cooling system;At the same time, under the cooperation of radiator, fan clutch, cooling fan, thermostat and other components, to achieve the size of the cycle, regulate the temperature of the coolant in a certain range, to ensure the normal work of the engine.


        • The factory is equipped with fully automatic assembly line of water pump


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        CHM series pumps include Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Jiangling Qingling and other models