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        Amoeba Training: learning and integration

        Edit:Guangzhou Yishan Auto Parts Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Oct 13, 2020

        From 17th to 20th Sep , the chairman of Yishan Enterprise and the senior representatives participated in the [idea + abacus] amoeba management principle and practice training. The development of an enterprise is inseparable from learning. Yishan upholds the spirit of learning and seeks progress and breakthroughs


        Representatives of Yishan devoted themselves and learned professional knowledge from the full-content training, and integrated with the current situation of Yishan's business operation, so as to carry out deeper and more divergent thinking. Professional instructors provided professional consultation and guidance to Yishan, and discussed through question and answer. , From a professional point of view to explain to Yishan, help Yishan representatives to absorb the principles of amoeba management.

        2020 is a year of precipitation. Yishan upholds the spirit of unbreakable exploration, continues to optimize itself on the development path, repairs internal development structure, and masters the main line of business operations. In the future, it will encourage corporate members to learn the principles of amoeba management. The grass-roots level strengthens the organization's strength and embraces the new stage of development with radiant spirit.

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