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        Automotive Temperature Sensor

        Automotive thermostat for ISUZU DMAX D-MAX NKR NQR
        OE NUMBER 8-98017027-CHM 8-98017027-0 8980170270
        Applicable engine models: 4JJ1 4JK1
        The function of the Automotive Temperature Sensor is to measure the temperature of the engine intake, cooling water, fuel, etc., and convert the measurement results into electrical signals for transmission to the ECU.For all electronic control systems of gasoline engines, intake temperature and cooling water temperature are two necessary temperature parameters for ECU control, while other temperature parameters vary with the type of electronic control system and control needs.

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        • Product Details

        Automotive Temperature Sensor is placed in the appropriate position on the engine cooling water channel, cylinder head or engine body.The temperature sensors can be used to measure the temperature are winding resistance type, diffusion resistance type, semiconductor transistor type, metal core type, thermocouple type and semiconductor thermistor type, etc. At present, the most widely used in the intake temperature and cooling water temperature measurement is thermistor type temperature sensor.

        Product Details

        Product Name: Automotive thermostat dmax

        OE Number:8-98017027-0 8980170270     

        Factory Number:8-98017027-CHM

        Vehicle Model:DMAX D-MAX NKR NQR

        Engine Model:4JJ1 4JK1

        Brand Name:CHM

        Place of Origin: China


        Parts number

        Package  size

        Applicable  models

        8-98017027-CHM   8-98017027-0 8980170270 

        Package size: 7.2*7.2*7.2 cm

        Net weight: 0.08kg

        Gross weight: 0.1kg

        4JJ1 4JK1



        a. Full range of Automotive thermostat parts.

        b. Fast delivery because of big stock.

        c. Professional experience of 20 years in CHM PARTS FOR ISUZU.

        d. New product development service


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        What is the function of automotive thermostat?

        The basic function of the thermostat is to allow them to warm up quickly by controlling coolant flow to the radiator. When you start your engine the controlled explosion known as internal combustion begins. As heat builds inside the cylinders, the coolant in the passages around them begins to absorb that heat. The thermostat opens to allow coolant flow only after the engine reaches proper operating temperature. Hot coolant flows away from the engine and into the radiator to cool off. Seconds later it returns to the engine to absorb more heat.


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