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        ISUZU Electric Relay

        Applicable Engine Models : 4BD1
        OE Number: 8942574970
        ISUZU NPR/4BD1 24V Electric Relay
        ISUZU Electric Relay is an electrical control device, is a certain value when the input, the output will occur a jump type of automatic control device.Usually used in automated control circuits, it is actually an "automatic switch" that USES a small current to control the operation of a large current.And the automobile relay is also this principle, so in the circuit plays an automatic regulation, safety protection, conversion circuit and so on.

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        ISUZU Electric Relay is a kind of control relay, which consists of magnetic circuit system, contact system and recovery mechanism.The magnetic circuit system is composed of core, yoke, armature and coil.The contact system is composed of stationary reed, moving reed, contact base and other parts.The restoring mechanism consists of restoring reed or tension spring.Automobile relay is the control relay applied in automobile, mainly used for: automobile headlamp, automobile flash lamp, automobile horn, automobile ignition, automobile blower, automobile mist eliminator and so on.The automobile relay has the advantages of high temperature strength, scratch proof, shock proof and dust proof.

        Product Details 

        Quality guarantee
        Actual size4.5*3.2*3.2
        Place of OriginCHINA
        Vehicle ModelNPR/4BD1 24V
        Factory Number8-94257497-PT
        Engine Model4BD1
        Brand NameChina aftermarkets
        Product NameISUZU Electric Relay
        OE Number8942574970

        Factory Number

        Applicable models

        Package size


        NPR/4BD1 24V

        Package size:5.3*3.5*3.3

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