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        Filter Element for NPR

        Filter Element for NPR

        Filter element for ISUZU NPR NQR MR
        OE NUMBER 1-87610057-0 1876100570
        Applicable engine models :4BD2,6HH1 Filter Element for NPR ,is used to filter oil.The main function of oil in automobile lubrication system is lubrication, rust prevention, sealing, cleaning, cooling and so on.Metal friction parts within the engine are lubricated by oil, and over time, metal wear will enter the oil.If you don't use special equipment to wear the metal dust in the oil (iron dust, aluminum dust, etc.) will be rampant in the engine with the oil cycle, which in turn will expose the engine to greater safety threats.

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        Therefore, the existence of an oil filter is to separate the solids in the oil from the oil.The lubrication system of any car has an oil filter. Working mechanism: like the blood circulation system of the heart, the oil in the oil pump is also in continuous circulation, in this process, often produce a lot of impurities we are not expecting, and this kind of unclean things need oil filter filtration. It is suggested that the replacement time: the car should be replaced every 5,000-10,000 km.Every time you change the oil, you should change the oil compartment.The reason is the dirt in the old oil compartment, will reduce the viscosity and cleanliness of the new oil, affect the oil cycle speed, will also damage the engine.

        Product Details

        Product Name: Filter element for NPR

        OE Number:1-87610057-0 1876100570     

        Factory Number:1-87610057-0 1876100570

        Vehicle Model:NPR NQR MR

        Engine Model:4BD2,6HH1 

        Brand Name:best value parts for isuzu

        Place of Origin: China


        Parts number

        Package  size

        Applicable   models

        8-97148280-0 8971482800 


        Net   weight :1.25KG

        Gross   weight :1.35KG



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