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        Fuel Filter FVR

        Fuel Filter FVR

        Fuel filter FVR for ISUZU FRR FSR FVR FTR CXZ
        OE NUMBER 8-98092481-1 8980924811
        Applicable engine models : 6WF1 6HK1 Fuel filter is the fuel filter on a car.Filter driving fuel (gasoline and diesel) The average gasoline engine is replaced when the car travels between 15,000 and 25,000 kilometers

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        • Product Details

        Fuel filter FVR also known as gasoline filter.Because there are all kinds of impurities in the gasoline, this impurity will directly reach the fuel injection nozzle and cause the oil road not smooth or even blocked, making the car engine power down.The role of gasoline grid is to filter out the moisture and impurities in gasoline, in the engine work, fuel in the role of gasoline pump, through the pipeline into the filter.

        Product Details

        Product Name:  Fuel filter FVR

        OE Number:8-98092481-1 8980924811

        Factory Number:1-87610094-0 1876100940 

        Vehicle Model:FRR FSR FVR FTR CXZ

        Engine Model: 6WF1 6HK1

        Brand Name:best value parts for isuzu

        Place of Origin: China


        Parts number

        Package  size

        Applicable   models

        1-87610094-0 1876100940 


        Net weight :  0.43 KG

        Gross weight :  0.5KG

        6WF1 6HK1


        Our Service 

        1. Assist customer to clear customs and prepare documents required by customer;

        2. Best value parts for Isuzu no minimum quantity requirement


        a. We have twenty years of experience in auto parts,and have built a professional work team.

        b.Big storage with 80,000 square meters warehouse;Fast delivery .                      

        c.Thousands of excellent factory resources,Exclusive agency of several well-known brands;Quality is guaranteed   

        d. New product development service


        Q:Which kind car do you have ?

        A:We have Isuzu ( NPR ,NKR D-MAX ,TFR ), MAZDA ( MAZDA 2 ,MAZDA 3, MAZDA 6 , MAZDA 323, MAZDA BT50 ), TOYOTA ( HILUX , HAICE ), HONDA ( Accord , Civic , City , CRV , FIT, Vezzel )

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        2) Product list for your refrence


        Q: How much does the shipping cost?

        A: It depends on the quantity of the goods, the shipping method and the destination. we will choose the cheap way to our customers.


        Q. What is your terms of payment?

        A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery.


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